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Study in New Zealand for Indian Students

New Zealand has seen a massive surge in international students. Though there was nothing special about New Zealand earlier, of late, students have started identifying New Zealand to be a great country and its education system to be highly rewarding. There are over a lakh of international students in New Zealand, and the country enjoys a good reputation in terms of the student satisfaction rate. Before moving there, you need to know many things about the country, and you can read further to know better.

Why Study in New Zealand?

  Quality of education worth your shifting: New Zealand provides better quality education, which is the first thing that makes it worth shifting to the country. Each academic year has 2 or 3 semesters depending on the course. There are two intakes throughout the year; in January and July.

  A good range of universities: It is a comparatively lesser-known fact that New Zealand has a wide range of universities. The University of Auckland, University of Otago, University of Canterbury etc., are a few popular ones.

  ITPs for those who love it: ITPs are Institutes of Technology and Polytechniques, which provide foundational, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses. There are over 16 ITPs in New Zealand, and these are helpful for students who concentrate on these streams.

  Wananga for those interested in cultures: In New Zealand, you will find three types of educational institutions; universities, Wanangas, and ITPs. Wanangas are educational institutes exclusively for those interested in learning the traditional values of the Maori cultures of New Zealand.

  Get personalised attention: The class strength in universities is low in New Zealand. The government follows a ‘Code of Practice’ that establishes the minimum care each student expects.

  A fabulous location to live in: New Zealand is a country where you find a mix of everything; mountains, fields, volcanoes, islands etc. You can never afford to miss the beautiful South Island and the Southern Alps.

  Work permit: All international students studying in New Zealand for at least two years can get a work permit for a year. Also, you can work for 20 hours per week part-time during your semester.

  Lower tuition fees: The education costs in New Zealand is roughly 10% lesser than in Australia. You have a variety of subjects and courses to choose from. There are over 400 universities that provide Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral degrees.

  Warm and welcoming people: New Zealand has many people who welcome you well. You will never feel left alone, and it will benefit you. The intermingling of all cultures ensures you experience something different that, in turn, makes you less homesick.

  Get scholarships and other financial aids: New Zealand offers several scholarships, fellowships, awards, and other financial aids to its students. These will be provided by trusts and universities and help cut your tuition fee expenses wholly or partially.

Best Course to Study in New Zealand

TOP Universities in New Zealand

Cost of Studying in New Zealand for Indian Students

Like every other country, New Zealand has private and public universities. Public universities naturally tend to be a bit cheaper. Nonetheless, you should know that certain disciplines like Medicine and Veterinary Science can be expensive. The average tuition fees in New Zealand can come by around NZ$ 20,000. However, private universities like the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology etc., are more affordable. Their Bachelor’s tuition fees start at NZ$ 1468 - NZ$ 6622.

What are the Requirements to Study in New Zealand?

Which Exam is Required for Study in New Zealand?

Student Visa for New Zealand from India

If your course is more than three months long, you need to take a student visa in order to study in New Zealand. Applying online is most common now, and it can be done quickly. The New Zealand High Commission takes 63 calendar days to process everything. So, it is better to apply before three months to have everything handy by the time you leave for the country. You must have a few documents to apply for a student visa to study in New Zealand. They include

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