About Us

Mr. Nandyala Sreekanth Reddy

Mr. Nandyala Sreekanth Reddy, is a qualified B. Tech with Masters in Business Management, having vast experience in the field of organization operations, while having also worked abroad for 10 years. He leads Paloma Education for the past 18 years and has successfully fulfilled the aspirations of students to ‘Study Abroad’,with career guidance of more than 1000 students, who are currently well settled in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.


Paloma Education is the education wing of Paloma Solutions; Hyderabad. Paloma Education firmly believes that higher education requires proper planning. And as long standing and successful partners in education building, we help students identify and choose the appropriate academic paths, to further achieve their aspirations and career goals.

Paloma Education experts assist students, by giving comprehensive information about higher education opportunities in select institutions of higher learning abroad. We guide every student starting from identifying their career path, selecting the best fitting course and the requisite institution of learning, applying for their program of choice, and upon getting selected, arranging education loans from banks (as necessary), applying for the Visa and finally arriving prepared at their destination.

Paloma Education’s foundations were laid by team of experienced and committed senior professionals and educational advisors/counsellors, who understand the need of the students, and help them realize their study and career goals. Our strong student-centred approach at counselling means, we help students with detailed information about the available learning options and guide them appropriately, to help them make the right higher study and career decisions.

Paloma Education strives to fulfil the aspirations of students wanting to advance their educational qualifications, by guiding and supporting them in the choice of the right higher study program and the centre of learning. Get in touch with our experts and you will realize the difference in the detailed individual and customized guidance. We firmly believe every individual is talented and can outperform themselves, given the right platform and an opportunity, at the right time! Talk to us, to identify, how we can help you shape your future!

Mr. Pingle Vijay Anand Reddy

Mr. Pingle Vijay Anand Reddy is a qualified Business Management professional, associated with Paloma Education for the past 12 years. He has been encouraging students and immigrants, to help them settle abroad. His guidance and tips go hand in hand with his overseas industry networks in USA, Canada, UK, etc., to help immigrants in settling abroad.